Getting to Grips

The “Getting to Grips with Governance” workshop is targeted at a group of business owners who run successful businesses but may not been exposed to the all of the intricacies of business governance and ethics in the specific context of working in commercial ventures with other businesses.

It has been designed to address a gap in knowledge and capability for businesses in the process of forming commercial alliances and joint ventures.

To perform in a cohesive and effective manner it is vitally important that firms understand the variety of measures surrounding Governance and have the ability to implement these concepts. In addition to the workshop, eight firms will be offered a one hour in house session with the consultant. The one-on-one sessions will ensure that businesses have a strong understanding of Governance concepts and will also enable the greatest chance of best practice systems being fully adopted as part of business operations.

Business owners have managed their individual affairs for many years but the concept of ensuring best business practice across a joint venture involving other entities may be a new experience for them. This event is planned to take your company on a journey of discovery through the requirements for best practice corporate governance.
The workshop and one on one sessions will be delivered by corporate accountant Peter Towers from Towers Business Development Pty Ltd. Towers Business Development Pty Ltd has operated as a specialist consulting organisation since 1999 and has specialised in Innovation Practices and Commercialisation.