Townsville Business Development Centre (TBDC), is a not-for-profit organisation that has been operating in Townsville since 1995. It has a reputation for delivering high quality services, training and advice to small business owners and operators throughout the NQ Region.

Townsville Business Development Centre is a member of Business Enterprise Centre Australia (BECA) network which have over 120 locations nationwide, including 12 throughout Qld.  The economic and geographical footprint of TBDC comprises of 10 regional council divisions within the BECA framework. We work closely with our BEC partners throughout Qld and Australia to collaborate on projects and share resources throughout the network.

Covering the Townsville region north to Cardwell and south to the Burdekin, Ayr and Home Hill and then extending to Charters Towers all the way through the western corridor to Mt Isa. In total, TBDC supports an area spanning over 272 000km2 and incorporating over 16000 small businesses.

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Regional Council Area km2 Population Business Turnover to $1m
Total 272,640 266,911 16,531
Townsville City Council 3,733 191,119 10,515
Burdekin Shire 5,053 18,667 2,119
Charters Towers Regional Shire 66,388 12,979 780
Cloncurry Shire 48,112 3,434 283
Hinchinbrook Shire 2,811 12,409 1,320
Mt Isa City 43,343 22,338 944
Palm Island Aboriginal Shire 2,288 3
Richmond Shire 26,900 938 145
Flinders Shire 41,500 1,821 272
McKinlay Shire 34,800 918 150


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Qld Regional Profile: Townsville Region. Derived using local government areas {ASGS 2011} published 17 December 2011by Qld Treasury and Trade, Government Statistician)