[dropcap style=”simple”]T[/dropcap]ownsville has been identified as one of Australia’s most significant and rapidly growing economic zones.

“Industry diversity, government investment and major transport infrastructure underpin Townsville’s role as the commercial and services hub for North Queensland’s mineral, agriculture, tourism and tropical sciences sectors.” (Townsville City Economic Development Plan 2013-2017)

The report also recognises that, “Townsville’s economic growth will generate significant national and state benefits. Among these will be the capacity for Townsville to sustain a far greater portion of Queensland’s population growth,”

“In addition, the city is a critical part of the development of the nation’s mining sector, through minerals processing, service industries and providing fly-in fly-out workers. It is the key export link of the nationally significant Mount Isa-Townsville supply chain.”

Conservative forecasts predict an increase in population to over 265,000 within 15 years. This represents a 38% increase by 2026.

For the business minded, these statistics identify clearly why the Townsville region is the premier location for entrepreneurial endeavours. Small business is the backbone of any community. In a fast growing region such as Townsville, small business underpins the sustainable economy necessary to support larger investment and infrastructure projects attracted to our city.

[button linking=”new_window” link=”http://www.townsville.qld.gov.au/council/publications/corporate/Documents/Townsville%20City%20Economic%20Development%20Plan%202013-2017.pdf” align=”left” size=”small” type=”standard” style=”simple” title=”Download the Townsville City Economic Development Plan 2013 – 2017″]Download the Townsville City Economic Development Plan 2013 – 2017[/button]



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