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Build INQ is a Master Class Program of business development for the building and construction industry.

Designed specifically to develop the capacity of industry to build in North Queensland, this program is funded by the Australian Federal Government and will offer a mix of training, workshops and mentoring to businesses looking to increase their capacity and their workforce, through leadership development, job creation, strategies and strategic action plan

(40 hours of contact time and all course materials.)

The program will focus on core skills such as:

Leadership development and HR management

Finance, budgeting and managing cashflow

Marketing strategies and plans

Business Modelling

Innovation, process and technology

You will Learn:

Write a business Plan

Develop your own team leadership and management skills

Manage and improve team performance

Develop and manage cashflow forecasts and strategic plans

Develop and implement and action plan to increase staffing levels

Have competencies in IT Apps and tools in for your industry

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The services provided by the Townsville Business Development centre are funded by the Australian Government)