Story 21 – Kounias Lawyers

“I’m a lawyer. I’m working from home at the moment, but I’m about to move in to Townsville Business Development […]

Story 20 – Brendan Gaeta

“I moved to Townsville when I was 20 to go to James Cook University. I only ever planned on coming […]

Story 18 – Jason Fichera

“I’m a musician.” “I grew up in Ingham and I’ve spent the last two years touring through America, Europe and […]

Story 17 – Complete Imports

“We started Complete Imports about three and a half years ago, importing products for NQ businesses. “I’ve grown up around […]

Story 15 – Bounce Coffee

“Our vision is to provide people with a consistent cup of coffee. Our motto – helping to heal the world’s […]

Story 14 – Hands on Wildlife

“Our business just had its seventh birthday!” “Dan is born and raised in Townsville, and I came to Australia to […]