“I came here as a soldier in 1980, married a Townsville girl and stayed. When I got out of the Army I became a carpenter and worked on old heritage homes, specialising in old Queenslanders

“After I retired, I was asked me be in charge of building the museum at Jezzine Barracks. When I finished that, 3RAR was posted to Townsville and they had a huge collection. I help set up their museum. I’m the curator now and it’s massive. I’ve always had a passion for history in this town.

“Not long ago we had family visiting who asked me about the history of Townsville. I took them on a bit of a tour and afterwards they suggested doing it for others. So I thought, why not give it a go?

“A City Councillor gave us the number for the Townsville Business Development Centre. They’ve been an enormous help. From our first meeting, right up until now. The workshops they conduct are well priced and really valuable. We’d recommend them to anyone who’s thinking of starting up a business. They’ve pointed us in the right direction and put us in contact with people that we wouldn’t have otherwise known about. We’ve even had Nicole (from TBDC) on the tour.

“We do a few different tours. Everyone likes our Palmer Street one, with dinner and wine at the end.

“Townsville is forthright in Australia’s history – there’s a lot of Australian firsts that happened in this city. From the first official flying of the Australian flag to the very first patent outside the New South Wales colony – the outdoor toilet.”

And what will Townsville’s history look like in the future?

“We’ll see. We’re making it every day!”

We have loved working with Bob to see Townsville History Walking Tours come to life in the City. Its a wonderful new tourism business offering locals and visitors the chance to understand more about our colourful and interesting heritage.

As part of our T150 celebrations this year we hope you enjoy the air show today and make sure you go on one of Bob’s tours to hear the stories and history of our last 150 years!

The Australian Small Business Advisory Services (ASBAS) program we deliver on behalf of the Federal Government, enable us to offer affordable business advice and support to people like Bob who have an idea for business. We look forward to working with Bob as his business continues to grow. Find him on Facebook and coming to Instagram soon!