“I grew up in Townsville always wanting to play Rugby League. I feel fortunate that I played in the NRL for the Eels, the Roosters and the Cowboys. Now I’m with the Blackhawks and I’m proud to represent Townsville. Rugby League has made me pretty honest in my approach to fitness. I enjoy it in a social setting and being a part of a team. That’s something I really push with 360. It’s a team environment, not just you battling by yourself.”

“I enjoy the leadership of being in business, it’s something I take very seriously. It takes more than just knowing fitness and routines; you have to get emotionally invested in their fitness. I relate my experience with players on the field to my clients.”

“Once I decided to start the business, I went to the Townsville Business Development Centre (TBDC) to figure out the next steps. From there, the learning hasn’t stopped. I can ask them anything and they have the answers. I’ve been to their seminars learning from leading Australian entrepreneurs.”

“I pride myself on getting work done, but jumping on a computer and making sure the admin gets done is something I’ve found difficult. I’ve been lucky to be pushed towards the right people along the way. That wouldn’t be possible without help from TBDC.”

“I like 360 being a local place. Our job is to make people feel welcome and our clients get that too. The people who have been with us for a while are now helping those who are beginners in their fitness quest. It’s a great environment to be a part of. My aspiration is to be a better coach and leader in the community.”

Anthony has a genuine passion for helping people recognise their full potential through fitness. When we first met with him about his idea for a business, he explained his approach wasn’t one dimensional but that he understood that health and wellness was impacted from all directions, 360 degrees. He wanted to create a business where people could feel like they belong, like part of a team. The culture of any business is important, but for Anthony, it’s been paramount to his success. He’s had to to step out of his comfort zone in business, just like he encourages his clients to do at 360 Health & Fitness NQ, and he keeps pushing himself everyday.

Anthony is fortunate that through his career he learnt what it takes to achieve your goals and that it’s important to have a good team around you to do it. He is a fantastic role model in the community and it will be great to see what comes next for 360.