“I have four kids, and I wanted the flexibility in my work to spend time with them, so I decided to start my own business. It has certainly had its challenges, but it works perfectly around my children’s lives.

“I love all my clients! Every day is different. One day I could be in a builder’s office, the next I’m working out of the home office of someone who owns a caravan park. I had to turn down my first client this week. But when my youngest goes to school, there’s definite room for more expansion.

“I knew about Townsville Business Development Centre (TBDC) from a previous job. The accountant I worked for told every new start-up business to go and see them. When I was looking at starting up, I knew what needed to happen to be a bookkeeper; I just needed the reassurance of setting up a business plan.

“They’ve been so easy to deal with. The whole team at TBDC are very approachable. And I make time for the #imagineTSV events too because I get a lot out of them.”

And what drives Cindy?

“I want to be able to help my clients with their admin so they can focus on what they’re good at. That’s my motto. But I make sure they always know where their business is at.”

We see a lot of people who come in looking to provide services to other business operators. Often their challenge is to recognise the value and worth of what they do. It’s easier when you have something tangible you are selling. When you can help a client sort out their paperwork and bookkeeping, this is priceless. It never cease to amaze me the number of people who operate their businesses without having their back office in order. It’s so stressful for them on top of everything else.

When Cindy came in to see us she had an idea of the types of client she could best help. We could see straight away that she would be of immense value to any business. Cindy takes a very professional approach with Townsville Townsville Bookkeeping Services and is committed to ensuring her clients can focus on their business with piece of mind that their paperwork and record keeping is taken care of. She takes the guesswork out their financial position for them and this is critical to good business management and decision making.