“This is one part work and one part philanthropy for us. It’s a vocation and then some.”

“Not enough training providers put the emphasis on outcomes. We feel we’re letting our students down if they’re not getting the right outcomes.”

“We have students who have gone on to university and are studying degrees in medicine and nursing. We’ve got students who have started further training and employment at TAIHS. Many more are taking their knowledge back to their communities to help others.”

“We started as a tenant at the Townsville Business Development Centre’s incubator. We were based there from 2012 – 2016. When you first set up a business you need a lot of support and TBDC provided it for us across a number of different avenues. It was great being there alongside people who are going through a similar process in starting up a business. The contacts provided to us during that time have been great and we still do a lot of work with them.”

“We want to become the best health and community service educators in Australia. We want to take our work national and become the best training organisation in the country.”

“I absolutely believe we can do it from Townsville.”

There are a lot of people who talk about creating change or making things happen, and then there are the people who are too busy actually doing it to tell their story. Michael is a great example of that. Whether it’s his business Connect ‘n’ Grow – RTO 40518 or his newest incarnation Seed Foundation Australia, Michael is making a difference.

When we first started working with him, he had aspirations of improving outcomes for young indigenous people in the health sector. The reality is he has created a model for accredited training that provides pathways for high school students from remote communities, such as Bamaga, to enter into tertiary studies at university.

Michael started his career as an educator who now operates with the mindset of an entrepreneur. He has a clear and determined vision to change the world through education and it is inspiring to see firsthand the lives of a generation he is influencing with his work.