“Our vision is to provide people with a consistent cup of coffee. Our motto – helping to heal the world’s bad cup flu.”

“I’ve trained well over 7,000 baristas in my time, but I can’t teach someone what I need to in two or three hours. So we’ve got coffee machine manufacturers who listen to our feedback as coffee makers and the resulting machine is second to none. It’s been blood sweat and tears.“

“My favourite part is watching our clients grow their own businesses, when they can provide their customers with an excellent and consistent coffee. I tell them we can increase their bottom line and I get a kick out of bringing that to fruition.”

“I heard about the Townsville Business Development Centre through word of mouth. Someone told me about their affordable space and the business support available to help you get going. We were there for a few years and they helped me a lot along the way.”

“What keeps me going is watching this place grow. It’s not money these days. I believe we’re at least as good as, if not better than, the bigger companies – we’ve certainly got the passion. Getting businesses to give us a go and then getting to blow their expectations right out of the water – that’s what I get a kick out of. My staff are the biggest key to the whole thing. I want my team to have similar aspirations to me.”

In 2012, Justin was operating in one of our units in the incubator, distributing his blend of coffee throughout NQ. He and his off-sider worked long days doing everything that needed to be done. They would roast once a week and packaged everything by hand.

The success of a business in the first few years often comes down to the willingness to do what it takes. This includes managing the stress from the risks you take and often embracing the unknown. Getting comfortable with being uncomfortable and having faith in the team you build around you.

The warehouse facility on Ingham Rd, which now serves as the headquarters of Bounce Coffee is a testament to Justin’s ability to do exactly that. He now employs 14 staff, roasting and distributing their award winning coffee up and down the entire east coast of Australia and the Northern Territory. While he still has even more plans for growth, it’s great to see the business now operates at a level, that gives Justin time to stop and enjoy his coffee.