“13 years ago my best friend made me go rock climbing. I was a bit scared of heights so I wasn’t sure, but it turned into a regular activity.”

“I was serving in the military and decided I wanted to do something else. I started working casually in a fitness centre with a rock climbing wall. I become a manager and built it up – as a business owner would do, so I wanted to see how I could become one.”

“I was looking at opening a rock climbing business and contacted a builder. My now business partner Tom, who I didn’t know at the time, also contacted him for the same reason. The builder put us in contact with each other and we realised we could do a better job together.”

“We saw the Townsville Business Development Centre early on, before our partnership was written up. Tom went to their workshops and got a lot out of them. We then went in to see them together with a list of questions and it gave us someone to bounce ideas off and learn from.”

And what has Ryan learned from entering into a partnership and starting a new business?

“Take the plunge. Nothing’s too hard if you set your mind to it. There is plenty of support around and people that are willing to help, like TBDC. The fear of the unknown is the only barrier that you’ve got. Once you’re through that, you’ve got nothing to worry about.”

Tom was in the Defence Force here in Townsville when he came to do one of our workshops, Your First Steps. He wanted to start his own business and was keen to find out what he needed to do. He was very thorough and motivated. He and Ryan followed up quickly with getting one on one help for a business plan and working out how they could best turn their idea into a reality.

They are a great working partnership because they have similar objectives and values and a combined passion for what they do.

Hot Rock Adventure Centre has an impressive set up. It incorporates a number of complementary disciplines such as slack lining – think wide tightrope – bouldering, yoga, all in with traditional rock climbing. Constantly evolving their activities and broadening their scope has worked well for them.
Recently, we heard they had young people from their centre qualify for upcoming world title events, and this is a fantastic achievement for any business and a milestone for Tom and Ryan.