“We started Complete Imports about three and a half years ago, importing products for NQ businesses.

“I’ve grown up around business, being involved in the family business from a very young age. I learnt a lot about running a business from dad.

“I learnt about international trade as an employee, which gave me the drive to start a business for myself. When we first started, we came across the Townsville Business Development Centre online and went out there to meet with them. We joined up as a member, and they were a great help with networking for us and putting us in contact with the right people who needed our services. We found it extremely useful, especially in those early stages when you need assistance quickly.

“From there, we’ve grown into Brisbane and Australia wide. We’re now also a part of River City Labs in Brisbane. It’s a technology and innovation business incubator. We were accepted into their accelerator program. It’s incredibly competitive; out of hundreds of applicants from around the world they only accepted seven, so it’s amazing to be one of them. We’re creating an online platform called IncoDocs, to make it really easy for Australian exporters to complete all of their shipping documentation to sell their product to the world.

“We’ve grown now, we’ve still got the office and warehouse in Townsville and we’ve opened another one in Brisbane. We’ve expanded Australia wide.

“I love the industry that I’m in. I’m passionate about international trade. It ties together business and travel and different world economies. It gives people so much opportunity to buy and sell goods all around the world – that’s what I love about it.”

From the beginning, Ben and Brandon impressed us with their tenacity. They had a clear vision for what they wanted to achieve – providing solutions for businesses operating in international trade. They asked lots of questions and were 100% committed to their goals.

For them to have been accepted into the accelerator program at River City Labs is a great achievement. It is an extremely competitive and sought after program so it’s fantastic to have them here representing North Queensland in their industry.