“I’m a musician.”

“I grew up in Ingham and I’ve spent the last two years touring through America, Europe and the United Kingdom promoting my album. A few of my songs have been picked up on radio throughout Europe and the US. It’s been hectic. I do it all independently so I have done all the groundwork myself to build my career.”

“It certainly hasn’t all been smooth sailing. The hardest thing was going into such saturated markets and trying to get a foot in the door. For the first six months I wasn’t able to play any gigs or shows, it was incredibly difficult to break into the music scene. Once you’re in though, it gets easier. Now I’ve even done some festivals and major gigs.”

“Sharyn and the team at the Townsville Business Development Centre helped me build a strong foundation for my music business, because it is a business. TBDC guided me through that side of it. They helped me develop my brand, to making sure it was unique and marketable, and that it properly represented me. They really simplified things for me and helped hone my ideas. It was great to have that guidance.”

The future for you now?

“I’m enjoying being back home for a break and I’m in the process of writing another album, which I plan to record next year. Then I’ll be doing it all over again – touring bigger and better. Once you’ve got the momentum started, you have to make sure that you maintain the drive.”

When Jason came to TBDC he was working as a high school teacher during the day and playing gigs all over Townsville 3-4 nights a week. While he loved his job and the kids he taught, he loved music more. He was serious about understanding how he could be in the business of music.

It was always clear how committed he was to music and his career so it was no surprise when his 6 month leap of faith overseas was extended indefinitely.

Festival gigs, a European tour, radio airplay in the UK, and a nomination as a semi finalist in the International Songwriting Competition later, and Jason is taking a well earned break back home to reflect on the 1500+ gigs he’s done in the last 10yrs that have taken him across the world.

Building on his success, he shared with us recently his intention to use the knowledge and experiences he has gained to assist and develop other aspiring artists.

As far as what constitutes a “business”, he’s is a great example of why it doesn’t need to be complicated. For Jason Fichera – Music, armed with the knowledge of how to best commercialise what he does, all that’s left to focus on, is him and his guitar – simple really.