“I’m a lawyer. I’m working from home at the moment, but I’m about to move in to Townsville Business Development Centre’s new CBD business accelerator space

“I like the idea of having an office away from the house. The new incubator is really convenient for my clients and I; it’s in the city and close to a lot of the other businesses and facilities I use on a daily basis. As a sole trader, I also love the idea of being surrounded by other business people who I can collaborate with. It’s comforting and exciting. Knowing that I’ll also have mentoring and support from TBDC there makes it a fantastic opportunity to grow my business.

“Previously, I was working in another firm and I realized that I wanted to be able to do things differently. I wanted to move away from the more traditional type of law firm. Working on my own I get to make my own choices about how I want to run it. That was something I was looking forward to and I haven’t looked back.

“I’ve been doing TBDC’s Women in Business Accelerator program and it’s been great for me. It’s one thing to be a lawyer and another thing entirely to be a business person. The program has helped me understand every aspect of running your own business, as well as referring me to the right organisations or people who can help me or who I can work with

“Things have been very consistent since I started. I’ve always been confident with the legal side of my work, it’s just fine-tuning the business side of things. TBDC are helping me achieve that so that I can find the balance that is essential when you’re running your own business.”

A lot of people starting out in business are good at what they do. They are often experts at what the do. But they needhelp to understand what it takes to run a business. At TBDC what we “do” is provide that. We work with clients to develop processes and structures that help ensure they are creating a viable and sustainable business.

From day one, Filitsa has sought out practical and relevant tools and strategies to help her ensure that she can improve the set up of her business. She is driven by her desire to ensure her clients can benefit from the different approach to legal services that she offers.

Outside of Kounias Lawyers, Filitsa is very active and dedicated to driving activities for the greater benefit of the community. Whether through volunteer work or supporting other likeminded business owners through meet up groups and events, she is a proud advocate for our city.

Through her own interest in advocating for small business she created a social media profile “Townsville loves your business” which has attracted an audience of over 4000 followers on Instagram alone. For someone already juggling the challenges of family, business and life, this has been a great boost to the business community and a great initiative to support our region.

We definitely love her business and we look forward to continuing to work with Filitsa to achieve her business goals in the future.