“I am an English teacher by trade. I didn’t want to go back after I had my children. I started doing this and it’s just so creative and fun. I ended up selling things and more and more people wanted to buy them and it’s become a business.

“Now I can only just keep up with it. I’m employing other creative people.”

On working with the Townsville Business Development Centre:

“I’m a very determined and driven person. I was accepted into a big design market in Brisbane, Finders Keepers, so I needed to either get serious or just plod along.

They’ve (Townsville Business Development Centre) just been great; they’re an amazing support. I’ve said I need to know about trade marking, they set up a meeting. I need to know about accounting, so they line up good, reputable people. The Centre has a network that I know if there’s a business they work with, I can work with them.”

And just who is Jane?

“She’s like my literary heroine, it’s a link to my previous job. Jane could be anybody. And Jane is constantly reinventing herself. She started off as this little girl from an old pattern group but I decided she needs to grow up to this young hipster type. It’s Jane re-invented!”

After being a life-long seamstress, four and a half years ago Kylie started Jane can sew. Beginning with children’s clothes, she then expanded to women’s clothes. In addition to her website, you can now find her work in Chappell Street Melbourne, Brisbane and soon to be Cairns.