“We saw a niche in Townsville for a craft beer bar. We love craft beer, we love self-pour – we think that’s a unique concept.

“We all still have our full time jobs. That’s the hardest part. Balancing everything around that, it’s stressful but you do what you’ve got to do to make things work.”

“The Townsville Business Development Centre was really helpful and honest. Considering our unique situation – two couples going into a business, family going into a business, the first time that we’d done a business together, they really helped us initiate our discussions and decide whether it was possible and how we were going to carve out the pathways to actually building The Taphouse.”

Advice for others wanting to follow the dream of opening a bar?

“Be prepared to work hard. People might see owning a bar as a lot of glamour, but it’s hard work. It’s staying ahead of the game, offering something unique and being competitive. And being prepared to work behind the bar. We don’t just own a bar, we’re here all the time.

“It’s hard and it’s challenging but some days you walk in here and you get tears because we take a minute to look at what we’ve done and we’re proud of it. We’ve learnt a lot in the first year and it’s important we take what we’ve learnt to grow the future. We’re happy, but it’s a lot of hard work.”

And just how far does the dream go?

“World domination of craft beer – a Taphouse in every major city in the world!”

Family partnerships can be challenging, so brother and sister duo Craig, Lana, and their partners Mark and Alyce wanted to make sure they had a plan to give their business the best chance of success. The City Lane precinct has brought new life into the CBD and The TapHouse Townsville has added a whole new dimension to the landscape. They’re coming up to their one-year anniversary on the 22nd of October – make sure you’re there to help them celebrate!