“I wanted to be part of Yellow Brick Road for the full offering – financial planning and home loans.

I went to the Townsville Business Development Centre (TBDC) and asked for some space to launch my business. It was great. It’s a base that wasn’t at home, so you’re still going off to work, but you’ve got flexibility and they work with you.

There is a business community there, a network. It was really positive, you have other start-ups and the team in the office to bounce ideas off. It was great being surrounded by other people in a similar situation, starting up a business and going through the same things as me.

When I moved out of the Centre into another office space I joined the TBDC board. It’s a very active committee; I get to actually work on projects and campaigns for the Centre. Nobody is there just to tick a box.”

And what about Mark Bouris, the head of Yellow Brick Road?

“Terrifying? Yes! But he’s actually just such a blokes bloke. The first time I met him he just wanted to talk about the Roosters (NRL team). He has a very active role within the company which is great.”

Josh from Yellow Brick Road Wealth Management Kirwan started his business out of the Thuringowa incubator two years ago. After graduating to a new office within a year, he is now an active member of the TBDC Board with invaluable insight into how how important our services are.