“My parents wanted us to have more opportunities so when I was 10, we moved from Iran to Australia. We had to learn everything, including the language. They always had businesses here in Townsville and I worked in them too. Then I had a business as a professional Interior Designer for 20years.”

“My husband and I both operate Concrete Grinding & Polishing Services and we have been members of Townsville Business Development Centre (TBDC) for quite a few years. It’s good that there is a place like TBDC that can help with all parts of your business. We’ve attended workshops and events that have been really great for us.”

“Recently, I’ve been following my passion to help other business people to manage stress through nutrition, health and wellbeing. I enrolled in the Women in Business Accelerator program run by TBDC. I want to use the knowledge and experience I have gained to create a business that will help others to be at their best.”

Mitra has a sense of energy and enthusiasm that is evident in everything she does. She knows better than anyone the challenges business owners face and is passionate about developing her own personal brand to help and support others. Managing stress through good nutrition and an active lifestyle is often the key to breakthrough success and it’s great to work with a client who lives and breathes her own message.